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While training as an officer he worked with the men somewhat like naval cadets do today.The midshipman used to serve seven years on the lower deck and was roughly equivalent to a present day petty officer in rank and position.Many were black or near that from being used to wipe the hands of the constant contact with the tar used on the ship's rigging.The original use of a lanyard was to hang the seaman's knife in front of his body.But the principal raids by press-gangs were on experienced seafarers, particularly those serving aboard merchant vessels.There is little doubt that pressing for the naval service was legal (and incidentally the right has never been repealed or abrogated) provided the press-gangs held a warrant issued in the county and was accompanied by a commissioned officer. There was also lawful protection documents that barred press-gangs from taking the person.

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RANKS AND RATINGS The prefix originally was, as the name suggests, one who lived amidships, this is mid-way between the officers who lived aft and the men who lived forward. From about 1660 to 1797 the pay of an Ordinary Seaman had remained at 19 shillings, that of an Able Seaman at 24 shillings, a month. RECRUITING AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE During our time period, men signed on for the duration of the commission of the ship in which they had elected to serve; only the Captain, his lieutenants and warrant officers were retained in the service after the ship paid off.Captains of ships frequently used to dress their ships' companies, or at least their boats' crews, in the particular rig they fancied.It is interesting to note that the pigtail or (the fashion for all classes from about 1785-1825) would have been the exception during our time period, except for some young officers spearheading the latest new fashion.

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